Free Club Penguin Memberships

Having a Club Penguin membership means a lot. With a Club Penguin membership, a penguin can purchase the latest clothing items, renovate their own igloo, buy Puffles, play member-only levels on games, and even access secret VIP member only party rooms. A Club Penguin membership costs money on the other hand. Parents may think of this game as a waste, or be financially insecure to spend money. We're the nicest guys on the internet. We can provide Free Club Penguin Membership 2014. Why are we doing this? It's good to give back and let kids all over the internet have member access to their beloved game of Club Penguin. Kids should enjoy their time on their computer, it's important to us. Below, we've provided three different methods to obtain a Free Club Penguin Membership 2014.

Free Club Penguin Membership Free Club Penguin Membership

Free Club Penguin Membership 2014 - Method 1

The following video is in regards to Free Club Penguin Codes such as coin codes, item codes, igloo codes, and puffle codes. Sometimes you may find a Free Club Penguin Membership Code by learning the simple steps in the video shown below.

NOTE: The video shown above may or may not work. As time progresses, this option may not work as the website may cancel their service.

Free Club Penguin Membership 2014 - Method 2

(Best Option)

You can complete a few easy steps to enter yourself in a Free Club Penguin Membership 2014 contest. It's easy, all you have to do is follow the steps. There are no surveys, all you need is an active Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook account to proceed.
  1. Read each step carefully and follow the instructions.
  2. Login to your Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook accounts. If you do not have an account for Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, you can easily create an account for free at the login pages.
  3. Login to Twitter.
  4. Login to YouTube.
  5. Login to Facebook.
  6. On Twitter, be sure to Follow @Archiyoso and @Waltdisney6. On YouTube make sure to be subscribed to ClubPenguinNews08. Don't forget to be liked to the CPBreak Network's Facebook Page.
  7. You're Done! If you are following @Archiyoso and @Waltdisney6 on Twitter, and are subscribed to the ClubPenguinNews08 YouTube Channel, and like the CPBreak Network's Facebook Page, you are automatically entered in the Free Club Penguin Membership Contest.
  8. Weekly, free Club Penguin Memberships will be provided to the contest winners via the social networks.

Free Club Penguin Membership 2014 - Method 3

Another way to be enrolled in the Free Club Penguin Membership contest is to authenticate your Twitter account with the CPBreak Network's Twitter application. This app is completely safe and will not store any information such as passwords and other personal information whatsoever. This application will enable your Twitter account to post updates, cheats, secrets, and announcements for the CPBreak Network.

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